A woman talks to her dentist about dental implants services in Gulfgate, TXThere are many great reasons to choose dental implants services in Southeast Houston as an excellent option for replacing missing teeth. At Lovett Dental, our experienced dentists recommend implants for durability, comfort, and an attractive smile. In addition to implants, we also offer a full range of specialty dental services for both adults and children.

Some of the services that we also provide include:

Your dental health is important to your overall health. The more steps you take to maintain your oral health, the more benefit you will see from your efforts. Your mouth will remain healthier, and you will also be able to resume eating foods that you may have avoided because of missing or painful teeth.

Our Dental Implant Services

Implants provide both the functionality and appearance of natural teeth. Because they are rooted in your jawbone, they are secure, permanent and one of the best choices for broken or missing teeth.

In addition to having cosmetic benefits, this solution can easily last for life. Implants help keep the remaining teeth from drifting or shifting, which can affect your bite and make chewing painful. They also help prevent bone loss in your jaw, which can lead to additional problems further down the road 

One of the significant advantages that this type of dental aid offers is the ability to resume eating favorite foods after complete bone healing. The process is worth your time, especially for the freedom that you will have in eating your favorite foods again. Implants have a distinct advantage over dentures because you can feel secure every time you eat, talk, or sing.

The Dental Implants Process

When you choose an implant to replace an extracted or missing tooth, you can achieve a permanent solution that restores the appearance of your mouth. Implant placement is possible on the same day as an extraction, depending on the circumstances. In any case, you will be on your way to enjoying favorite foods again and living free from the pain that comes from broken or damaged teeth.

In some cases, you might require a graft to account for the bone loss before placing the implant. When this occurs, you will need to return for an implant with a permanent crown after your mouth has had a chance to heal.

If you have had a missing tooth for a while, you can still receive an implant. The process might require more than one visit, but you can enjoy results that are as close to real teeth as possible.

Come in for a free consultation with our dental implants services in Gulfgate, TX. The consultation helps our dental specialists determine whether implants are right for you. Depending on your dental health, you might require additional treatments to ensure the best results.

How Are Dental Implants Made?

The foundation material for an implant is a titanium post. This post offers maximum durability and helps ensure that the implant lasts for life.

Once the post is in, the dentist will place a temporary crown for the time that your mouth is healing after surgery. The temporary crown will help protect the post by preventing contact with the surrounding teeth. This extra protection allows the post to settle within the socket.

A permanent crown will provide the maximum protection for your implant. At Lovett Dental, we take pride in offering dental work that provides lasting results. Our implant placement and other dental procedures will last and easily withstand every demand that comes with regular use.

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