Going for dental checkups in Houston, Texas, can seem like a scary thing. This is especially true for those who haven’t been to a general dentist in a while. You don’t have to be afraid of a routine checkup at the dentist in Houston, Texas.

Your Routine Dental Checkupat a routine check up a woman talks to her dentist about dental checkups in gulfgate tx

Lovett Dental Gulfgate will put your worries at ease. There are several things that can cause issues with dental health, but we can help you to reverse those effects. We take X-rays, do cleanings, and many other dental procedures to correct any issues you may have. We cover a wide array of cosmetic dental procedures in addition to oral surgery and general dental procedures, which means we take an all-encompassing approach to your dental care. All of our staff are friendly. We offer sedation dentistry because we understand dental anxiety. We want you to be calm and comfortable throughout any procedure you may have. Sedation dentistry can also help with a bad gag reflex, a low pain threshold, and sensitive teeth.

Dental Checkups Can Save Your Teeth

There are many issues that can cause problems for teeth. Some people have a dry mouth. Not only does this cause bad breath, but saliva is needed to help keep teeth and gums healthy. Having less saliva in the mouth causes an increase in cavities and gum disease among other problems. It’s important to drink an adequate amount of water, but there are other solutions to having a dry mouth. Many people don’t brush their teeth often enough. It’s recommended that people brush their teeth at least twice a day; however, some people need to brush more frequently as they incur plaque more frequently. Eating healthy food that’s low in sugar can help to keep the mouth freer of plaque. Clenching teeth or grinding teeth can break down tooth enamel and cause oral health issues in the process. Not regularly going to the dentist can cause problems as well.

What to Expect During Dental Checkups

When you come for dental checkups, we will take X-rays of your mouth and give you a cleaning. Beyond this, we believe in being transparent with our patients to educate them on their oral health and how that impacts their overall health. Along with assessing your teeth, we will look at your gums, bone mass, and tissues to give you an overall assessment of your oral health. Once we can get you up to speed with helping you with your oral health issues, we can further assess if you are in need of other procedures. We will fully discuss everything with you and will listen to your concerns.

A Routine Checkup Can Get You Back on Track

At Lovett Dental Gulfgate, we care about your smile and strongly encourage you to take dental checkups in Houston, Texas seriously. We understand it’s not easy going back to the dentist after a prolonged period of time of not going. We can help you with teeth cleanings, X-rays, and other forms of dental care. If you need orthodontic or periodontic work, we can handle that as well. We also provide many cosmetic dental procedures. Whether you need implants, teeth whitening, or veneers, we want you to be confident in your smile.

We provide a number of services, including:

You don’t have to let your fear of the dentist stand in your way anymore. We are here to help you recover your smile. Your road to recovery doesn’t just include how you think and feel. Your mouth and confidence in your smile are just as important. We will help you to rebuild your life by uncovering your beautiful smile. Contact Lovett Dental Gulfgate today at 713-847-8822.