Oral surgery describes procedures that involve cutting into the gums, the jawbone, and other tissues in the mouth. At Lovett Dental Gulfgate, our board-certified dentist and specialist are trained to perform any oral surgery. Our goal is to help our clients maintain a healthy, attractive smile through these specialty dental services. Some common forms of surgery include:

  • Wisdom teeth removal
  • Gum surgery
  • Dental implants
  • Surgery to remove diseased tissue from the mouth
  • Surgery to correct jaw issues

Common Types of Oral Surgery

Our staff frequently uses bone grafting when placing dental implants. Over the years, the technology used for bone grafting has improved. Bone grafting can correct defects that result from gum disease. We often perform bone grafting along with gum surgery.

Typically, we utilize dental implants with bone grafting. The goal is to increase the amount of bone so that there is enough bone to hold the implant firmly in place. When we use bone grafting with gum surgery, it can create a more pleasant appearance. The goal is to create a restoration that looks natural, and that is easy to keep clean.

When you get dental implants, we will surgically insert them into your jaw bone. We implement multiple techniques. One technique we use is inserting the implant directly through the gum tissue. A second technique we use is making a small incision in the gums, inserting the implant, and then using stitches to complete the surgery. Thanks to advances in implant technology, it is extremely easy to place a dental implant.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions and Tooth Removal

Our staff views tooth removal as a last resort after everything has been done to prolong the life of your natural teeth. It is often necessary to remove a person’s wisdom teeth because they do not have enough space in their mouth to accommodate extra teeth.

Some people have third molars that appear, but there is no matching tooth for it to bite against. Usually, these teeth will appear in parts of the mouth that are difficult to clean. The molar or another molar against it is at increased risk of developing decay or periodontal disease.

Professionals prefer to have extra teeth, such as wisdom teeth, removed when a person is young. However, wisdom teeth can be removed at any age. You may require more advanced surgery if your wisdom tooth is severely impacted. In these cases, you may require sedation dentistry services.

Preparative and Corrective Oral Surgery

Alveoplasty is a surgical procedure that reshapes or contours the jaw so that it is more comfortable for a person to wear dentures. This procedure may also make the healing process more comfortable for a person after tooth extraction.

Root canal therapy has a high success rate. However, sometimes a treated root canal can have a persistent infection at the tip of the root. An apicoectomy is an oral surgical procedure where the tip of the root is exposed and removed. This treatment usually clears up any remaining infection.

Lovett Dental Gulfgate Provides Comfort During Oral Surgery

We understand that for many people, oral surgery is frightening. Please remember that the procedures are routine and that our staff of board-certified oral health professionals dedicate themselves to taking every precaution to keep our patients comfortable.

If you feel especially nervous about a procedure, talk to us about dental sedation treatments. These can help you relax more, especially if you need lengthier procedures, such as a complicated root canal, dental implants, or multiple tooth extractions.

There are several sedation options that you can choose from. For example, oral conscious sedation will help you feel relaxed and comfortable, but you will be awake throughout the appointment. We can administer this form of sedation via nitrous oxide gas or through a small pill.

If you need a higher level of sedation, intravenous conscious sedation is another option. With this form of sedation, you will receive a sedative continuously throughout your treatment. You will relax so much that it is likely you will fall asleep.

How Lovett Dental Gulfgate Can Help

Regardless of the procedure you need, the oral health professionals at Lovett Dental Gulfgate stand ready to help you. Our general dentistry treatments include:

To learn more about our commitment to helping you love your smile, contact us today at 713-847-8822.