dentist looking for lost fillingsHaving a filling in your teeth is nothing out of the ordinary. Instead of losing a tooth, you took care of the problem in the nick of time. But what happens when you lose the filling itself? This kind of issue is a lot more likely than it sounds. It is something most people with fillings will have to contend with at some point in their lives. So that you’re not caught off guard, here are four steps for how to deal with lost fillings through emergency dental services.

What to Do for Lost Fillings

Naturally, the first thing you’ll want to do when a filling falls out is to find it. Fillings often come out while eating or biting on things. This means you have it with you after you spit out whatever it was you were chewing. Ideally, you should rinse off your filling with water to remove any bacteria or food remnants that may be on there. Then, store it in a safe place for the time being. It’s also smart to wash your mouth out with warm salt water to get rid of anything that may have fallen into the opening your filling once occupied. If you’re experiencing any pain, using ibuprofen or dabbing a small amount of clove oil on the area are typically good treatments.

Contact a Professional for New Fillings

Once you have your filling and any discomfort you experience under control, it’s time to contact your dentist. Call your professional of choice, and inform them that your filling has come loose. Given the urgency that’s required for this kind of problem, it’s possible they’ll schedule you to come on the same day. If not, you can expect an appointment within the next few days at the latest, given the danger present with an unfilled cavity. Plenty of dentists have emergency dental procedures just for things like this, too. This includes Lovett Dental Gulfgate, a practice that also offers other services, such as:

Procedures for a Lost Filling

Once you get to your appointment, the team will take X-rays to get a good look at the status of your tooth. After a short review of your medical history, you’ll discuss the options for your filling going forward. If your tooth is in good shape, you’ll most likely be able to have it filled once again. However, damage to the tooth may mean you require a crown or even a root canal. The worst-case scenario would be a full tooth extraction though this is rare for a first-time filling loss. Regardless, our professionals will do your procedure before you leave, barring any special circumstances like a referral to a specialist.

Post-procedure, you’ll have to be careful not to undo all the work that just went into your mouth. You’re essentially back to where you started from getting your filling done the first time, so treat this the same way. Do what you’d normally do after getting a filling, avoiding biting too hard or eating things that are sticky, sugary, extra hard, or otherwise likely to break your new filling or crown. Take medication for the pain as needed, and make sure to call your dentist if any problems arise.

Contact Lovett Dental Gulfgate

Losing a filling isn’t a very fun experience, but as long as you can remember these four steps on how to react, you should have no problem getting your tooth put back together. If you need an emergency dentist in Houston, Texas for lost fillings or any other urgent issues, head on down to Lovett Dental Gulfgate. Call us at 713-847-8822 for more information on our services or to schedule an appointment.